KwaZulu-Natal Sea

Kwazulu-Natal’s coastline is extensive – Stretching all the way from the protected beauty of Kosi Bay, down to the small resort town of Port Edward. KwaZulu-Natal proudly boasts 600 km’s of subtropical beaches; all situated along a coastline which hosts fantastic weather, and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, all year round.

The iSimangaliso Wetland Park, one of our world heritage sites, remains untouched by industrial development, and as a result is one of our prime coastline destinations. Snorkelling, scuba-diving, swimming, fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing, ski-boating – if it’s in the water; you will find a destination along our coastline that specializes in your chosen activity. ISimangaliso’s flourishing aquatic life and coral reefs are a must to be explored.

Zululand finds itself with few – but significant sea-side destinations; such as the gateway to Zululand – Richards Bay. Richards Bay, previously a port town, boasts exquisite beaches, an active nightlife at the local waterfront, and a selection of restaurant and sea-side accommodation for any traveller. Zululand’s beaches are blessed equally with all year-round subtropical warm waters. 

The North Coast also plays part of this subtropical paradise, with a variety of luxurious accommodation, establishments and tourism infrastructure along the coastline – designed to accommodate and facilitate a holiday experience – The North Coast is your escape to paradise. Durban also facilitates your seaside retreat; with much to be ventured, tasted, experienced and explored.

The South Coast –a blossoming collection of beaches; known for the Hibiscus Coast – named for the unique Hibiscus trees along the coast. The South Coast is also known for the Sardine Run, a yearly phenomenon in June/July, where billions of sardines can be found at the shores – truly a fascinating experience.

The KZN Coastline is supportive of a range of ecosystems. Sandy and rocky shores, estuaries, wetlands, mangroves, and various coastal and aquatic vegetation; it is diverse. KwaZulu-Natal is the sole-proprietor of such an endemic mass of diversity and beauty – just waiting to be explored.

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