Kwazulu-Natal Culture and Heritage

When we think of Kwazulu-Natal’s cultural and heritage scene we think of the ancient rock paintings of the Khoi-San in the Drakensberg Mountains; we think of the beats of the traditional drums and dances of the Zulu; we think of the bloody tales of war heroes on the battlefields; we think of the cries of the lost souls as they fought for their freedom; we think of the ancient fishing Kraals of the Thonga people in the Elephant Coast; we think of a deep and powerful history that we can only try to bring justice to.

KwaZulu, meaning place of Heaven, presents you with a lifetime’s worth of cultural experiences. Local cuisine, art, crafts, culture, religion and custom – the Zulu, meaning Heaven, and other local people are unique in every way. KwaZulu-Natal is the birthplace of a beautiful and profound culture; if you love learning, if you love people, and if you love different cultures – KwaZulu-Natal will have something to foster this love.

Traditional villages will foster this love through cultural immersion – placing you head first into a world that you never knew. A love fostered by the pulsating rhythm of the mighty beat of the traditional Zulu drum; by the swift movements of traditional Zulu dance; by the grip of a spear between your fingers; and a bow about to be released – KwaZulu-Natal presents with you with true experiences, and new love.

KwaZulu-Natal’s battlefield tours will tell you tales of tragedy and triumph; victory and defeat; courage and fear. The Anglo Zulu War; the Battle of Rorke’s Drift; The Battle of Ulundi; the Battle of Blood River – these are just a few of the many battles; and to each a story, to each a significance, and to each a victor. You will be presented with the opportunity to visit the very sites where the triggers were released, where lives were lost, and where history was made.

Each aspect of cultural tourism in KwaZulu-Natal pays homage to just a small part of a much larger intricate history. To each is allocated its own measure of history, its own part of the much larger tale. The midlands meander is a fantastic example of an allocated measure at work – with a five-routed tour delving into everything the Midlands is comprised – from food and drink to monuments and crafters; these routes carry you through.

You have to start your journey somewhere, pick a destination – whether it’d be traversing the extensive mountains of the Drakensberg; backpacking your way across Zululand; or snorkelling your way through the North and South Coast – there will always be a friendly local along the way to teach you a thing or two about the beautiful heritage and culture of a beautiful province.

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